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Yes, what should i say now ?! Yes, you reached now my private Website. Even you searched for something else end ended here at this crazy Guy's Site, or you searched expliciltly for that. Congratulati ons if you searched really for that Webchunk ! Yes, you got it now. :-)
So let me introduce me. I was born somewhere in the 70s in Europe. Since my Childhood and Schooltime i worked in the IT. After some Years of asking myself what does the Word IT stands really for, i realized that im working in a world of HBA's, NAS, SAN, Clusters, Portchannels and so o n. These Words are still alive and are my daily Business...
So, i worked many years as an Administrator and Service Engineer for larger and smaller Companies, worked with Databases like Oracle, Mysql, Postgres and Highavailability Cluster Systems on HPUX, SUN /Oracle or Linux s Heartbeat, Netapp Storages and Virtualization.
In my Sparetime i'm travelling thru the world, cycling on my Bike, producing Music, playing Music in Bars and Clubs, build some crazy Projects like a Telephone Honeypot or stupid Hardwarethings like a Clock which counts down the time to the next departing Bus, or sewing Bags... Thats me.

Feel free to get in contact with me.

PS.: Software is like Sex. Its better when its free! ;-) so, use Linux !